Writing to Change the World

In these tumultuous times, don’t we all want to be heard? Who doesn’t want to transform the world? And who doesn’t harbor a secret ambition to write? Writing to Change the World is intended to help people who have a message they’re passionate about to convey it clearly through writing. Inspired by a course of […]

The Middle of Everywhere

Helping Refugees Enter the American Community Over the past decade, Mary Pipher has been a great source of wisdom, helping us to better understand our family members. Now she connects us with the newest members of the American family–refugees. They come with nothing but the desire to experience the American dream. Their endurance in the […]

The Shelter of Each Other

Rebuilding Our Families In The Shelter of Each Other, Mary Pipher opens our eyes wide to the desperate realities families are facing and shows us a way out. Drawing on the fascinating stories of families rich and poor, angry and despairing, religious and skeptical, and probing deep into her own family memories and experiences, Pipher […]

Reviving Ophelia

Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls When Reviving Ophelia was first published the response was extraordinary. She posed the provocative question: Why are American adolescent girls falling prey to depression, eating disorders, and suicide attempts at an alarming rate? The answer hit a nerve. We live in a look-obsessed, sexist “girl-poisoning” culture. And despite the […]